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Table 1 Weight reduction history reported by the sambo competitors

From: Patterns of rapid weight loss in elite sambo athletes

Questions Males Females pa
Mean SD Mean SD
How many times did you cut weight to compete last season? (number of times) 4.41 8.35 3.51 3.03 0.43
How many days before competition do you usually cut weight? (start days) 10.97 9.88 12.04 9.10 0.50
At what age did you start to cut weight before the competition? (yrs.) 16.22 3.57 14.88 3.33 0.015*
  Δ (%)   Δ (%)   
How much weight do you usually cut before the competition? (kg) −8.49   −5.59   0.15
What is the most weight you have cut to compete in your career? (kg) −14.60   −13.30   0.80
How much weight do you usually regain after the competition? (kg) 11.70   6.42   0.03*
  1. a t-test comparison between male and female athletes