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Table 2 Instructions/cues provided to athletes in the experimental group during each exercise

From: Effects of a neuromuscular training program using external focus attention cues in male athletes with anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: a randomized clinical trial

Exercise Instructions/Cues
Double-leg squat While bending your knees, point your knees toward the cones and pretend you are going to sit on a chair while keeping a ball between your knees
Notes: Cones positioned in line with neutral knee positions.
Walking lunge While pretending you have a plank on your back, point your knee toward an imaginary point in front of you.
Single-leg squat Stand on one leg and reach slowly toward the cone with your knee while bending your knee.
Notes: Cone positioned in line with neutral knee position.
Double-leg drop jump Jump down from the box, land on the markers on the floor, and point your toes and knees toward the cones.
Notes: Cones positioned in line with neutral knee positions; 30 cm high box.
Single-leg stance, unstable surface Keep the bar horizontal.
Notes: Athlete held bar in front of them during exercise.
Single-leg countermovement jump Jump as high as you can and touch the hanging ball.
Notes: Ball included as overhead goal; height adjusted for each athlete.
Horizontal bound Push against the ground as forcefully as possible.
Single-leg standing long jump Try to jump past the line.
Notes: Target line provided; distance adjusted for each athlete.