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Table 1 M±SD of variables examined in relation to the forefoot

From: Prophylactic ankle supports effects on time to stabilization, perceived stability and ground reaction force during lateral landing in female collegiate athletes with chronic ankle instability

Condition Time M±SD variables
vTTS(s) PvGRF(N/cm2) TT PvGRF (ms)
Fore foot
 Control BF 1.61±0.92 984.02±295.48 0.17±0.16
AF 1.44±0.93 939.89±208.76 0.12±0.03
 Brace BF 1.99±1.3 970.55±227.85 0.26±0.46
AF 2.1±1.23 909.23±220.27 0.12±0.08
 Tape BF 1.85±1.17 936.04±220.34 0.1±0.03
AF 1.02±0.57 975.79±211.8 0.1±0.02
  1. Abbreviation: BF Before fatigue, AF After fatigue, vTTS Vertical time to stabilization, vGRF Vertical ground reaction force, TT vGRF Time to vertical ground reaction force