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Table 2 Reasons that were mentioned not to report absence of menstruation (in bold; most important factors according to the corresponding group)

From: Absence of menstruation in female athletes: why they do not seek help

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
Is not seen as a problem Fear of something serious Do not worry
It is not known what consequences will be later in life ‘Denial’ Perceiving it as normal
Will go away, general practitioner says ‘it is part of the game’ Thinking it is normal Experiencing no menstruation as convenient
Little attention from mentors for this problem (in certain sports/certain federations) Shame and taboo Showing you are fit
No direct supervision of team doctor (in certain sports/levels) Little confidence in Western healthcare No desire to have children
Sign of getting in shape Ignorance Not easy to discuss with (male) trainers
Appears to be reversible, therefore less worries   Not common for coaches to ask about it
Difference between top-level sports and recreational sports: detect and report subtle signals   Other priorities
Shame   More common among teammates
   Not wanting to hear it/denial
   Seeking help late by athletes in general