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Table 1 Specific warm-up (SWU) protocol

From: Judo specific fitness test performance variation from morning to evening: specific warm-ups impacts performance and its diurnal amplitude in female judokas

SWU protocol Description
Foot sweeps Moving side to side, sweep foot along floor
Finger, wrist, and ankle rotations Rotate ankles and wrists to stretch flexors and extensors
Trunk side stretch Standing, lean to one side then the other with arms overhead
Trunk rotator stretch Standing, rotate body from side to side
Hip circles On all fours, circle hip inside body and away from body, switch
Knee bends Bouncing from kneeling position to standing position, stretch hamstrings
Cartwheels both sides Standing facing the side, cartwheel
Forwards rolls Standing, perform a forward roll into side body landing
Backwards rolls Standing, perform a backward roll
Forward rolls with legs spread Same forward roll with spread legs