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Table 1 Participant characteristics. The most affected side in bilateral CP was based on the lowest value of maximal voluntary contraction

From: Ballistic strength training in adults with cerebral palsy may increase rate of force development in plantar flexors, but transition to walking remains unclear: a case series

ID Age (y) Sex GMFCS level: distribution
P1 27 W I: right hemiplegia
P2 51 W I: left hemiplegia
P3 28 W I: left hemiplegia
P4 53 M II: diplegia, left most affected
P5 34 M II: diplegia, left most affected
P6 24 W I: left hemiplegia
P7 30 W I: left hemiplegia
P8 56 M I: right hemiplegia
  1. GMFCS: Gross Motor Function Classification System