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Volume 9 Supplement 1

Technology and innovation in sports, science, health and wellbeing

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Publication of this supplement was funded by Associação Technologies for People.

Vila Real, Portugal01-03 December 2016

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Edited by Arsénio Reis, Leontios Hadjileontiadi, Hugo Paredes, Jaime Sampaio, Paulo Martins and João Barroso

  1. Authors: Idoia Muñoz, Jokin Garatea, Jokin Garatea, Idoia Muñoz, Silvia Ala, Francisco Cardoso, Hugo Paredes, Margrit Gelautz, Florian Seitner, Christian Kapeller, Nicole Brosch, Zuzana Frydrychova, Iva Buresova, Katerina Bartosova, Sara Huteckova, Sara Huteckova…
    Citation: BMC Sports Science, Medicine and Rehabilitation 2017 9(Suppl 1):5

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