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Olympic and Paralympic Games

This retrospective article collection celebrates the Summer Games in Tokyo 2021.

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Sporting events raise enormous public interest and have the ability to unite communities around the globe. The 2021 Summer Olympics, the largest and most celebrated one, brings together 11,000 athletes from 206 countries competing in 35 different sports.

This Collection encompasses research on over 20 disciplines programmed in this year's Olympic and Paralympic games - including studies on injury epidemiology, nutrition, exercise physiology, team psychology and infectious disease risk. These articles make it abundantly clear the impressive impact that science has had on improving the preparedness and performance of athletes competing in Tokyo.

This collection was published on 23 July 2021, the date of the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony.

Risk factors for overuse injuries in a cohort of elite Swedish track and field athletes
Andreas Lundberg Zachrisson, Andreas Ivarsson, Pia Desai, Jon Karlsson & Stefan Grau 
BMC Sport Sci Med Rehabil 1373 (2021) 

Differences in life expectancy between olympic high jumpers, discus throwers, marathon and 100 meter runners
Jeffrey Lee-Heidenreich, David Lee-Heidenreich & Jonathan Myers
BMC Sport Sci Med Rehabil 9, 3 (2017)

A pilot study on a potential relationship between leg bone length and sprint performance in sprinters; are there any event-related differences in 100-m and 400-m sprints?
Daichi Tomita, Tadashi Suga, Masafumi Terada, Takahiro Tanaka, Yuto Miyake, Hiromasa Ueno, Mitsuo Otsuka, Akinori Nagano & Tadao Isaka 
BMC Research Notes 13, 297 (2020) 

Futureproofing triathlon: expert suggestions to improve health and performance in triathletes
Michael D. Kennedy, Camilla J. Knight, Joao Henrique Falk Neto, Katie S. Uzzell & Sara W. Szabo 
BMC Sport Sci Med Rehabil 12, 1 (2020)   

Swimming-induced changes in pulmonary function: special observations for clinical testing
Marja Päivinen, Kari Keskinen & Heikki Tikkanen 
BMC Sport Sci Med Rehabil 13, 55 (2021)

Swimming turn performance: the distinguishing factor in 1500 m world championship freestyle races?
Marek Polach, Dan Thiel, Jan Kreník & Dennis-Peter Born 
BMC Research Notes 14, 248 (2021) 

Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on athletes with disabilities preparing for the Paralympic Games in Tokyo
Piotr Urbański, Łukasz Szeliga & Tomasz Tasiemski 
BMC Research Notes 14, 233 (2021) 

Injury surveillance in elite Paralympic athletes with limb deficiency: a retrospective analysis of upper quadrant injuries
N. R. Heneghan, L. Heathcote, P. Martin, S. Spencer & A. Rushton 
BMC Sport Sci Med Rehabil 12, 36 (2020) 

Erosive tooth Wear in special Olympic athletes with intellectual disabilities
F. Marro, C. Fernandez, L. Martens, W. Jacquet & L. Marks 
BMC Oral Health 19, 37 (2019) 

The podium illusion: a phenomenological study of the influence of social support on well-being and performance in elite para swimmers
Beth Aitchison, Alison B. Rushton, Paul Martin, Andrew Soundy & Nicola R. Heneghan 
BMC Sport Sci Med Rehabil 13, 42 (2021) 

Neuromuscular activation pattern of lower extremity muscles during pedaling in cyclists with single amputation of leg and with two legs: a case study
Kohei Watanabe, Yuta Yamaguchi, Wataru Fukuda, Sho Nakazawa, Taishi Kenjo & Tetsunari Nishiyama 
BMC Research Notes 13, 299 (2020) 

Cycling in people with a lower limb amputation
Jutamanee Poonsiri, Rienk Dekker, Pieter U. Dijkstra, Juha M. Hijmans & Jan H. B. Geertzen 
BMC Sport Sci Med Rehabil 13, 75 (2021) 

Analysis of the consumption of sports supplements in elite fencers according to sex and competitive level
Fernando Mata, Raúl Domínguez, Álvaro López-Samanes, Ángela Sánchez-Gómez, Pablo Jodra & Antonio J. Sánchez-Oliver  
BMC Sport Sci Med Rehabil 13, 50 (2021) 

Peak week recommendations for bodybuilders: an evidence based approach
Guillermo Escalante, Scott W. Stevenson, Christopher Barakat, Alan A. Aragon & Brad J. Schoenfeld 
BMC Sport Sci Med Rehabil 13, 68 (2021) 

Angiotensin-(1–7) oral formulation improves physical performance in mountain bike athletes: a double‐blinded crossover study
Samara Silva de Moura, Adália Táci Pereira Mendes, Francisco de Assis Dias Martins-Júnior, Nádia Lúcia Totou, Daniel Barbosa Coelho, Emerson Cruz de Oliveira, Daisy Motta-Santos, Robson Augusto Souza dos Santos & Lenice Kappes Becker 
BMC Sport Sci Med Rehabil 13, 47 (2021) 

Sports nutrition knowledge and perceptions among professional basketball athletes and coaches in Lebanon-a cross-sectional study
Jocelyne Matar Boumosleh, Catherine el Hage & Antoine Farhat 
BMC Sport Sci Med Rehabil 13, 53 (2021) 

Force production during the sustained phase of Rugby scrums: a systematic literature review
Eric Martin & George Beckham 
BMC Sport Sci Med Rehabil 12, 33 (2020) 

Sex-specific effects of small-sided games in basketball on psychometric and physiological markers during Ramadan intermittent fasting: a pilot study
Seifeddine Brini, Abderraouf Ben Abderrahman, Cain C. T. Clark, Sghaeir Zouita, Anthony C. Hackney, Karuppasamy Govindasamy, Urs Granacher & Hassane Zouhal 
BMC Sport Sci Med Rehabil 13, 56 (2021) 

The effect of a shoulder injury prevention programme on proprioception and dynamic stability of young volleyball players; a randomized controlled trial
Mostafa Zarei, Saeed Eshghi & Mahdi Hosseinzadeh 
BMC Sport Sci Med Rehabil 13, 71 (2021) 

Technical and tactical diagnosis model of table tennis matches based on BP neural network 
Wenwen Huang, Miaomiao Lu, Yuxuan Zeng, Mengyue Hu & Yi Xiao 
BMC Sport Sci Med Rehabil 13, 54 (2021) 

Relationship between Upper Quarter Y Balance Test performance and throwing proficiency in adolescent Olympic handball players
Julian Bauer, Simon Schedler, Stephan Fischer & Thomas Muehlbauer 
BMC Sport Sci Med Rehabil 12, 50 (2020) 

Shadow pitching deviates ball release position: kinematic analysis in high school baseball pitchers
Shigeaki Miyazaki, Go Yamako, Koji Totoribe, Tomohisa Sekimoto, Yuko Kadowaki, Kurumi Tsuruta & Etsuo Chosa 
BMC Sport Sci Med Rehabil 13, 26 (2021) 

Postural sway in young female artistic and acrobatic gymnasts according to training experience and anthropometric characteristics
Agnieszka Opala-Berdzik, Magdalena Głowacka & Grzegorz Juras 
BMC Sport Sci Med Rehabil 13, 11 (2021) 

The risk of dengue for non-immune foreign visitors to the 2016 summer olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Raphael Ximenes, Marcos Amaku, Luis Fernandez Lopez, Francisco Antonio Bezerra Coutinho, Marcelo Nascimento Burattini, David Greenhalgh, Annelies Wilder-Smith, Claudio José Struchiner & Eduardo Massad 
BMC Infectious Diseases 16, 186 (2016)  

The epidemiology of MRI detected shoulder injuries in athletes participating in the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Summer Olympics
Akira M. Murakami, Andrew J. Kompel, Lars Engebretsen, Xinning Li, Bruce B. Forster, Michel D. Crema, Daichi Hayashi, Mohamed Jarraya, Frank W. Roemer & Ali Guermazi 
BMC Musculoskelet Disord 19, 296 (2018)

MRI-detected spinal disc degenerative changes in athletes participating in the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Summer Olympics games
Mohamad Abdalkader, Ali Guermazi, Lars Engebretsen, Frank W. Roemer, Mohamed Jarraya, Daichi Hayashi, Michel D. Crema & Asim Z. Mian 
BMC Musculoskelet Disord 23, 45 (2020) 

Differences in the attitudes to sport psychology consulting between individual and team sport athletes
Dáire Rooney, Robin C. Jackson & Neil Heron 
BMC Sport Sci Med Rehabil 13, 46 (2021) 

Mindfulness and psychological health in practitioners of Japanese martial arts: a cross-sectional study
Hiromitsu Miyata, Daisuke Kobayashi, Akifumi Sonoda, Hibiki Motoike & Saki Akatsuka 
BMC Sport Sci Med Rehabil 12, 75 (2020) 

Effect of a sports mouthguard on the functional range of motion of the spine and the upper body posture in taekwondo
Daniela Ohlendorf, Mara Romdhane, Christoph Lehmann, Sebastian Lehmann, Stefan Kopp, Christian Maurer-Grubinger, Gerhard Oremek, David A. Groneberg & Eileen M. Wanke 
BMC Sport Sci Med Rehabil 13, 5 (2021) 

Unilateral and bilateral training competitive archers differ in some potentially unhealthy neck-shoulder region movement behaviour characteristics
Mareike Schmitt, Lutz Vogt, Jan Wilke & Daniel Niederer 
BMC Sport Sci Med Rehabil 13, 44 (2021) 

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